Come Play

Who are we?

A group of disc dog enthusiasts that support each other and our dogs in the fun sport of disc!

We play locally as well as travel throughout BC (and beyond!) to compete with our dogs and seek out opportunities to continue to expand our knowledge of disc.

What do we promote?


  • Positive based training (we are an ecollar, choke collar & prong collar free club).
  • A safe learning space for anyone wanting to get into the sport of disc (we are very newbie friendly)!
  • Good sportsmanship.  We all try our best 🙂  Be kind to your dog and be kind to others.
  • The continual growth of the disc dog sport on Vancouver Island.

What do we play?

New Weekly League



There is something for everyone here!

Strategy games, distance games, freestyle, agility cross over games and more.

Our club hosts 3-4 trials a year and also travels to Nanaimo, Washington and the mainland to compete.



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