Introducing the Victoria Toss & Fetch Team!

Pippin & Erin

Nicknames: Master Wigglebutt, Hobbit, Turkey

Member Since: 2019

Born: December 2, 2016

Breed: Mini Aussie

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Toy: Plastic Bottles

Favourite Activity:  Begging for Pizza

Fun Fact: Pippin was in an accident in 2023 that left him paralyzed in the hind end.  He doesn’t know any different now and still loves life to the fullest!

Vilya & Erin

Nicknames: Wagtails, Donkey

Member Since: 2019

Born: May 10, 2019

Breed: Border Collie

Favourite Food: All the things.  For real.

Favourite Toy: Soccer ball.

Favourite Activity:  Swimming for sticks.

Fun Fact: Is tied for the 6th highest score in the world for both Frizgility and Funkey!

Ullar & Sara

Nicknames: Baby Shark

Member Since: 2019

Born: 2015

Breed: Mini American Shepherd

Favourite Toy: Disc, fluffy tugs

Favourite Activity:  Disc, agility, performing tricks

Fun Fact: Ullar was very human and dog reactive but disc has increased his confidence around them!

Ripley & Kelsi

Members Since: 2020

Born: June 1, 2015

Breed: Cattle Dog X

Favourite Food: Moose, fish

Favourite Toy: Disc, tugs, furballz

Favourite Activity:  Disc, launching herself into the water and making noise!

Fun Fact: Ripley struggled with human and dog reactivity.  Disc has helped her gain confidence around them!

Poptart & Sara

Nicknames: Pop pop!

Member Since: 2021

Born: June 14, 2021

Breed: Border Whippet

Favourite Toy: All the fluffy things.

Favourite Activity:  Running, chasing and snuggles.

Fun Fact: Poptart may love people more than she loves food!

Cricket & Shannon

Members Since: 2021

Born: May 27, 2019

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Favourite Toy: Ball or tug toy.

Favourite Activity:  Hiking & swimming

Fun Fact: Cricket is from the streets of Mexico.  Her and her two siblings are all living in Canada now!

Tarot & Darcie

Nicknames: Chaos, Trouble, Crazy Pants, Monster Baby

Members Since: 2021

Born: March 17, 2021

Breed: Shiloh Shepherd

Favourite Food: French Fries, Cheese

Favourite Toy: Disc, whatever ball her sister has, random pieces of cardboard.

Favourite Activity:  Disc, running through trees, car rides, rebounding off furniture.

Fun Fact: She can fit three pickle balls in her mouth!