I Want to Play!

How do I start?


We are glad you are here.

There are a number of ways to get started with us!

Join the FB Group

If you have not already, join our FB Group.  Updates on all the current events are posted there.

Come out and watch

The best way to know if disc is right for you is to come out and watch us play!

We play toss and fetch most weeks.  Check out the FB group for times or send us an email to find out when we will next be out on the field.

We are all very friendly and love to talk disc.  Please feel free to introduce yourself when you arrive.  If you bring your dog please keep them well away from the field so as not to disrupt the dog currently playing.

Classes and Workshops

Disc classes and workshops are held March through October.

Be the first to know when registration opens by joining our mailing list (at the bottom of this page).  Registration will also be posted in the FB group.

Fun Matches

These are very beginner friendly – no experience required.

The rules of the games are explained before starting.  We host these just for practice and to raise funds for club equipment.  So there is no pressure!

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