Creating an UpDog Team Number

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Go to the updog TEAMS site
  • click on “join updog” at the top right corner of the screen
  • create an account as directed

Step 2: Add Competitors

  • Go to the competitor tab
  • click on the “create” button

  • complete the three fields with your own name, type (human) and gender
  • click “save”
  • repeat this now for your dog, selecting canine as the “competitor type”
  • if you have more than one dog, repeat this for each of your dogs

Step 3: Create Your Team

  • Go to the Teams tab
  • click on the “create” button
  • click on the “create a standard team” button

  • find your name and click the “add to team” button beside it

  • click “add competitor”
  • now find your dogs name and click the “add to team” button beside their name

  • click on “give team a name”

  • name your team (be as creative as you want!)
  • click “save”

  • Congratulations!  You have created your team!
  • Your team number is listed under the “lookup code” and begins with a “T”
  • All new teams are “guest teams”
  • If you wish to accumulate points for achievements and qualification scores for Nationals and UPDIF, you will need to activate your team
  • Please note you do not need to activate your team to participate in UpDog games

Step 4: Activate Your Team

  • Click on the “activate” button beside the team you wish to activate
  • There is a $10 US fee to activate your team.  This is a one time fee for lifetime membership.
  • Scroll down and hit the “create activation order and checkout”
  • Follow the instructions for payment

And just like that – you are done!

You may create and activate as many teams as you would like.

Pairs Teams

Consist of two human competitors and one canine competitor.  To create a pairs team, repeat these instructions but select “create a pairs team” instead of “create a standard team” in step 3.